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Gackt Camui : The Right Moment Project

The Right Moment

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The 4th July is Gackt's birthday and 'Gackt Camui : The Right Moment' aims to bring Gackt fans together for an early celebration of Gackt's birthday. This project will start off on June 04. Right now. Its main target, is for people who can design, actually. With the use of Photoshop, PSP, or any other design program - create banners!

There would be 4 themes for the 4 weeks before the 4th of July, until Gackt's birthday. The themes are of Gackt's four albums, Mars, Rebirth, Moon and Crescent. You're welcome to choose any song within these albums.

More information as well as archived banners can be found in the memories . Also, you need to become a member of the community to get posting access. ^^

Please do join and participate in the right_moment project! ^^

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